Kräftig consists of three workshops, containing a wide variety of machinery to complete any project given at any time.

Machining Workshop

We manufacture a large variety of parts by means of precision machining.  The workshop is equipped with conventional as  well as CNC Milling and Turning equipment and  nearly any part can be manufactured. Conventional machines are used for milling, turning and slotting, while the CNC lathe and milling machines are machining  centers including 4th axis. With our 4th axis, anything that can be machined on a flat surface can be machined on a round surface.

The capacity of the CNC Machining Centers and Turning Centers can be utilized to manufacture low and high volume components.   Applications with a high complexity can be produced at any given time.

Material used for machining, all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as engineering plastics.

Fabrication Workshop

The fabrication  workshop is manned by a fully qualified welder and a few assistants.

Welding can be done to any specific procedure required, including NDT processes.  We have a variation of welding machines, Arc, Mig, Tig and Gas, many types of welding can be facilitated on carbon and stainless steel.

Research and Development (SeTAR) Workshop

The workshop is equipped with all the latest technologies like 3D printers etc. needed for developing prototypes.